Director’s Attachment with Ridley Scott


I’m so pleased to announce that I will be shadowing Ridley Scott on the set of his upcoming film Alien: Covenant!

I remember the first time I saw Alien as a young girl. My older brother was watching it on video and I hid in the kitchen to see Ellen Ripley kick ass. She was so different to the damsels and bimbos that normally appeared on our TV, and she inspired me. Watching Blade Runner was another revelation. The future world Scott created has never been matched and still sets the benchmark for the entire sci-fi genre. This is an amazing opportunity and the timing could not be more perfect! I’m shooting my first feature next year, sci-fi thriller Splitters.

I’m so thankful to Screen Australia and the Australian Directors Guild (ADG) for making this possible!

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Australian Director’s Guild Nomination


I’m so excited to announce that Red Rover has been nominated for the 2016 Australian Directors Guild Awards. I’m amongst great company and two of the Directors in my category, Darlene Johnson and Corrie Chen are friends of mine so that makes the nomination even more special!

Lexus Finalist

I’m excited to be short listed by The Weinstein Company for the Lexus Australian Short Film Fellowship, along with so many other amazing filmmakers! Check out this IF article for more information.

The Weinstein Company has shortlisted 21 Australian filmmakers for the Lexus Australian Short Film Fellowship, the largest cash fellowship for short film in Australia.

Judy Davis is presiding over the selection process as jury chair alongside jury members Nashen Moodley (Sydney Film Festival Director) Lexus Australia’s Adrian Weimers, and Australian producers Jan Chapman and Darren Dale.

The jury will select select up to four filmmakers, each of whom will receive a $50,000 Fellowship grant.


2015 Austin Film Festival


Red Rover had a terrific reception at Austin Film Festival, with two screenings and a nomination for Best Live Action Short. We missed out on the award but I got so much out of attending the festival and hearing some of the best writers in show business talking about their craft, including Shane Black, Andrew Kevin Walker, Karen McCullah and Kirsten Smith.  Everyone at the festival was inspiring and the other films were exceptional. I got some great ideas about improving my writing process and developing rich characters. I also made many wonderful new friends. Now I’ll be hitting the gym after weeks of eating nothing but BBQ!!! Bye y’all.

12239362_1033714586701103_3855383050210548054_o RR_Austin_Booklet

Location, location

The film I’m writing takes place in greater Wollongong so I went down to take a look. Here are some pics from my little reconnaissance mission.

2015 AWGIE Awards


Very pleased that my script for Red Rover has been nominated for an AWGIE Award by the Australian Writer’s Guild. My fingers and toes are firmly crossed!